Awkward and Awesome.

Unless you live under a rock or think all those burly football players like to wear pink accessories just because, then you know that October is breast cancer awareness month. I’ve been trying to wear little pops of pink (POP) this month. Here is a POP from a little earlier this month.

Here is this week’s A&A…


-A few weeks ago I told you guys about that time Clint and I were playing tennis and two little girls decided they were going to play on the court with us at the same time. Well guess what folks, it happened again. This time it was a slightly older looking boy. He just strolled onto the court, started playing ball boy and then called dibs on the next game. Why does this keep happening to us? We must not look adult-like enough because when I was that age I never would have tried to play with some grown-ups. It’s so awkward dealing with these court crashers.
-The Presidential Debates. Oh my cringe!! It’s just too much tension to take! I’m excited these things are now over. And I can’t wait for people to stop spewing a bunch of junk on Facebook. Think before you status update, people.
-Clint and I were in Target the other night when I overheard a couple walking up behind us refer to me as a crayon. Yes, you read that right, a crayon. As they walked past us they continued this convo and were sure to offer up a hand motion to really clarify to one another what about me was crayon-like. With a quick up-down motion of the hand they were criticizing my weight. Not that it’s that important but I feel the need to point out that this was a not-slender couple, not by any stretch of the imagination. So now, I’m gonna open some people’s eyes for just a second. Some people struggle with their weight, the other way. I’ve been skinny my entire life, got a problem with it? Take it up my parentals and God, they made me. It’s hurtful when you make comments towards people about their weight, regardless if they are big or small. I’ve been dealing with “uhhh you’re so skinny” comments for over a decade now. It’s hurtful and no I do not take it as a compliment, if you heard the tone of the comments you sure wouldn’t either. But, if you’re gonna compare me to be a crayon I’m at least going to pick my color. And I, I choose to be blue. Blue, like the sky on a beautiful Carolina day. Blue, like the water off the Caribbean coast. Blue, like the color of my husband’s eyes every other day. Blue is beautiful, so thank you.


-I’m getting better at the new signature. I’ve become particularly good at the S. (I’m pretty sure this comes from years of perfecting my Snow White signature just in case I ever became a Disney princess).
-Java Chip Frappuccino ice cream. It’s so good. And my beloved Target likes to put that Starbucks ice cream on sale quite often.
-The leaves have turned into beautiful little pieces of sunshine that flutter their way to the ground… where I then step on them hoping for some maximum crunch. You know you do it too.

What’s been awkward & awesome lately?!!


2 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome.

  1. Awkward: Going to a meeting in another building which is about an 8 minute walk away. I usually love this because it’s the one time a day I get to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. It’s like the adult version of recess during the work day. I usually try and make small talk during the walk with whomever is going to the meeting with me and that’s usually when you connect with your co-worker on a more personal level. You talk about family, special events coming up, where their baseball loyalties stand, etc. However, it is SUPER awkward when the one person you’re walking with gives super short answers and doesn’t ask the same question in return. Before you know it, you’ve gone through all your typical conversation points and you’ve barely left you’re building….awkward (and quiet) walk there….and back.

    Awesome: I’m going to two, count them TWO more weddings this weekend. It’s so great to see friends and family finding their true loves and starting their lives together! What is just as awesome is that I’ve used all the recent weddings to update my wardrobe….so cheers to all the new and soon to be happily married couples!

  2. Awkward… neighbors moved in next door and for the 3rd day I simple cannot remember their names. I once again had to ask. So embarrsing. I chalk it up to getting old.


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