Wish List Wednesday- Or the things I want but can’t have.

Although I think a more appropriate title for this post may be… Wish List Wednesday- Things that I like but everybody already has them so I don’t really want them anymore.


Sometimes, everyone thinks the same things are great. I will agree with the ranks of people who also like the things listed above, but I won’t be joining them. Because really guys, how fun is it to show up somewhere with that fab statement necklace on just to have the next girl over making the same statement?! Two outfits ruined, and now you’re stuck second-guessing putting that necklace on every time you go out. Of course you can’t help what other people buy and you just have to get yourself things that you like, but really, sometimes I think I might be the only person who doesn’t have one or more of the items above.

Whenever I see myself eyeballing someone’s arm candy it is almost always a Michael Kors watch. The man makes a beautiful piece of jewelry but I’m certainly more partial to things that everybody and their sister doesn’t already own.

The necklace… it is  e v e r y w h e r e. I challenge you to go on Pinterest and not see one. (And while you’re there you should go follow me). I of course see why people bought the beautiful baubles, and they come in tons of great colors, and really, they kind of always look fantastic. But, like I mentioned above, it’s not so great when your statement necklace isn’t the only statement being made.

This spiky bracelet has been worn by Rihanna, and since I sort of can’t stand her, and because every fashion blog I’ve ever read has this, I just can’t allow myself to indulge in this golden goodness. And ever since I first set my eyes on it I notice it more and more which just makes me want it less and less.

Do you guys ever do this too? Have you ever had something on your wish list and then suddenly realized it might be a good thing you don’t have it anymore?

What do you want but everyone else already has it?


3 thoughts on “Wish List Wednesday- Or the things I want but can’t have.

  1. I am an impulse shopper so I know exactly how that feels. Bought too many things that I probably don’t use as much as I thought. Love the necklace though. Saw that one in Target actually.


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