Happy Halloween.

I’m actually not much of a Halloween fan.
But I am a fan of picnic-style dinners by the fireplace and pumpkin carving with my husband. So here are some photos of us getting festive.

^ Squishing it all up is kind of my favorite part. (Disclaimer: this photo almost certainly just made my sister feel the need to wash her hands)

When our kitty wasn’t busy being my assistant pumpkin carver (aka trying to lick the pumpkin top) she was sleeping by the fire.

I went with an S this year because we didn’t have a nifty pumpkin carving kit and I’m most likely going to try to convince Clint to take a “family picture” with the pumpkin to commemorate our first Halloween as Husband & Wife. We also bought that little pumpkin with intentions of carving it. Clint was going to do the Panther’s logo, but it turns out that little freak of a pumpkin is some sort of crazy breed that is actually more like wood. So we got the top off and on the other side are a few carved whiskers but it wasn’t worth the hassle so it’s just there to be cute.
We finished the night with some delicious hot chocolate, and I even made heart-shaped cool whip to top it off- and then ended up covering it up with more of that whipped goodness.

Seeing as we live on the top floor of our apartment complex and there are no children in our building or the one next to us I’m counting on not having any trick-or-treaters. And since Halloween candy is remarkably expensive I didn’t buy any. So tonight we’ll be locking the door and keeping all signs of Halloween to a minimum. And even though I didn’t buy the kiddos any treats, I did buy some Halloween cookies on sale at HT today so I’ll be baking those up and snuggling with my main man. (In reality, he’ll probably be working and I’ll probably be eating more cookies than one should eat in one sitting.) But at least we’ll be together :]

Happy Halloween!


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