Awkward and Awesome.

Reason #234829374 why I love the crockpot… I can take a nap while I should be cooking and wake up to dinner. Fabulous.


-In a nut shell, I entered to win a John Deere tractor while at the State Fair. If won, I’d sell that sucker for some money money money. Well, now, I get phone calls twice a week telling me I won a home security system (which I don’t want- and couldn’t have either way as I live in an apartment) but those security people have thought of it all, you can pass the system on to a friend(which I also don’t want to do). Today I got phone call number 10 thousand and decided I was going to put an end to it. I was going to get fierce with those persistent phone operators. After I let the lady complete her little talking bit, I say, I’ve already told them I’m not interested but I’d appreciate if you’d take me off your calling list.. to which she responded “well this isn’t a list, it’s a hand written card that you filled out.” First of all, what what?! Just take me off your darn list, don’t go back talking. I knew I had to really get aggressive so I said, well, I was trying to win a tractor [yes- I realize how ridiculous this sounds] not a security system so please just remove me from the call chain… Then little Miss Southern sassy pants responds with… “Well how about I just throw your entry away since you’re clearly not interested in winning anything anyway…::click::.. SHE HUNG UP ON ME! I was the one trying to lay down the law and yet I’m the one that gets hung up on. ?? I’m hoping this is a sign that I’m nicer than a telephone operator. And I guess I won’t be winning that tractor.
-I had the most stressful, anxiety-inducing experience at church this past Sunday. We go to a pretty popular church back home in Charlotte and 99% of the time everyone is super excited to be there and is in total ‘praise the lord’ mode. This weekend I was sitting behind the exception to that. There was a man, not much older than myself, who clearly did not want to be there. He was alone and sulking from the moment the first song began. He sat in his seat with his big jacket hooding his head and, though I was sitting behind him so I can’t totally verify this, sulking. I’ve been going to the same church for almost six years now and I have literally never seen a single person that didn’t want to be there… so his behavior  caught my attention, and kept it. He was visibly so upset to be there, throwing his head down into his hands, huffing and puffing, definitely not paying a bit of attention to the sermon. It made me super uncomfortable, as well as the other people sitting around him who I saw eye-balling him and his odd behavior. I may or may not have let my mind wander a bit leading to one particular moment where he reached behind him and I prepared myself for him to produce a handgun. I voiced my concern to Clint, quietly mind you- no need to upset the crazy man, but he just rolled his eyes at me. Nothing came of all of this of course, but I did leave feeling a bit awkward… I guess that’ll happen when you sit in church praying to God that he help you get out of church. I promise to be a much better church attender next week.


-I got my hair cut. And the experience wasn’t horrible. It may have been because I now have less than half the hair so the blow-drying time has been shortened, but it was kind of awesome to not suffer from a heat stroke at the salon.
-I went to Harris Teeter yesterday and completed my entire trip in ten minutes. I think it’s safe to say I officially have learned the aisles. And it doesn’t hurt to go at 10 o’clock on a Monday morning, hello empty aisles!
-I decorated our apartment for Christmas :] We only have a few little things but I think it’s a good start. We’re waiting to get a tree until after we do all our gift shopping so I layed out all our ornaments so we can at least admire them a bit for now… and the kitty is quite enjoying being able to admire them at eye-level.

What’s been awkward & awesome lately?


Awkward and Awesome.

This week’s A&A is a bit short- I actually contemplated just not doing it since I don’t have much to share. However I have one seriously awesome piece that I had to let you all know (you can find it down there in the awesome section!)


-Apparently Clint hates when I eat carrots. Those things are loud by nature, I can’t help it! Let’s see anyone try to eat a carrot without being just a little bit obnoxious.
-So I finally decided to be a responsible driver and get my oil changed (I was only over by 300 miles- that’s some sort of record for me!) This is probably more of a personal issue but I just always feel so judged at more guy-friendly places. I can hardly even get half way through the parking lot at a Home Depot without feeling out-of-place and Jiffy Lube is no exception to that. As I sat patiently in the waiting room I couldn’t help but feel like all the guys out in the shop were talking about me. What were they discussing? Who knows. The sea-horse on my keychain, the multiple sets of directions and hand drawn maps of Raleigh on my car floor, my complete and total lack of understanding between all the different oils that they persistently tried to make me upgrade to. I don’t know what they were talking about, but I could tell, they were talking. (Also, at Home Depot they seem to think any female that enters the store couldn’t possibly know her way around without being asked ten thousand times. No, really, I can find the paint samples just fine by myself, thank you very much).


-Clint got a promotion at work! Yay yay yay. So very proud of him and all his hard work this past year. He’s truly earned it and I couldn’t be more thankful for how he provides for our family.  A work promotion and a military promotion all within 6 months, I married a stud.
-Tomorrow we are heading home for a nice long weekend to be spent with our families. Moving away from everyone has made us both so much more appreciate of the small bits of time we do have together with the people we love. And the fact that a plethora of food is going to be involved makes it that much better.
-Sometimes I have days where I really start believing that I will eventually find a job. Today was one, and these days are so much greater than the alternative. There will be a time where Clint and I are both happily employed and we are going to be more thankful for it than we could have ever imagined.


What’s been awkward & awesome lately?

Wish List Wednesday.

I tend to forget that I have a photo booth on my laptop. When I remember we find ourselves with pictures that look like these. There are many more of Clint seriously refusing the photo booth.

Anyways. Here’s my wish list for this week!

Hats, Jacket, Scarf, Sweater, Sweater

I didn’t realize this until after I had gathered all the photos together, but apparently I’m in a coral/red mood today. I also was searching for lots of chunky, snuggly, comfy things.

Hats– I love these hats with their cute little poof balls!! They are actually from the Gap who is showing signs of actually having a good holiday line this year. They’ve got some equally as cute scarves on their website, so you can go check those out. These are priced pretty well (under $20!) and I’m a big fan of the colors they offer them in… nothing too crazy. I have a couple of cute little hats but some of them are so colorful and out there I don’t feel like I can wear them with as much. Those three up there would look great with tons of colors so they offer more versatility- and bang for your buck!

Jacket– If I was a rich girl, na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na. That’s the tune I’m singing to myself while I drool over this coat. Why do you do this to me J. Crew!??!! Why?! You make these incredible pieces of clothing that fit every single person just right, and look incredible. And then you make me give you an arm and a leg to have it. (While I’m on this.. seriously, has anyone else noticed how much more expensive this place has gotten lately?) This jacket is just winter perfection. I can see the snow falling around me while I do twirls in this trench. It’s so lovely I can’t hardly stand it.

Scarf– Someone, anyone, please buy me this scarf. please. Madewell has decided to name the color of this scarf, antler. Which I think means that Santa had a little input on this baby. I’m a super fan of the circle scarf but this one truly takes it to a whole new level- the flannel lining! I have maybe, possibly, already begun brainstorming outfit ideas to accent this seriously super scarf.

Multi-Color Sweater– There are many days that I walk into my closet and just want to throw on a sweater and have it all be done. That’s what I did today. But my sweater is boring and just plain green and 100% not an outfit maker. This multi-color sweater is most definitely an outfit maker and that’s why I need it. Throw on a pair of jeans, some boots and this easy peasy sweater and wham bam, done and done. And I can kind of also see this with my red jeans.. like a full on ombre outfit. It has potential to be amazing.

Holiday Sweater-So last year I bought my sister a Holiday-style sweater from J. Crew for Christmas that had moose/reindeer or some other winter animal on it. Ever since then I’ve been jealous and wanting to snatch one up of my own. This one is pretty simple (and inexpensive) and again, it makes for a complete outfit made simple. I imagine me wearing this sweater, Clint wearing this (ha!), as we sit around our fireplace sipping hot coco, singing along to Christmas carols and watching a Charlie Brown Christmas. (He actually hates Snoopy- ?!?? I know, right?!)

That’s what I’m wishing for this week! 

What are you all wishing for?!!

Awkward and Awesome.

Well we have had quite the week here at the Simpson household. It all began last Monday when we treated our sweet kitty Sydney for fleas. And then she proceeded to have a severe reaction that prompted some seriously panicked Simpson’s. And at one point it involved me turning around to see Clint holding her and her face was covered in fleas. Getting that image out of my head has not been easy. I basically spent the day taking deep breaths and holding in the tears. Thankfully, our little Sydney is fine now but she definitely left me feeling a bit on edge for the next few days. So much so in fact that the next day this happened…

I’m sitting at our kitchen table working on my laptop when all of a sudden a big poof of ashes come flying out of our fireplace. I had the door to our porch open so I kind of just assumed it was a gust of wind that came in through the door and caused it. So I go over and close the door then grab the dust buster to clean up the ashes. I’m cleaning away when I look inside the fireplace and see a dead bird! A dead bird. A bird, that is dead, in my home.  I ran over to our kitchen table, perched myself onto of a chair and had a good old case of the grossed out chills. In between panicked phone calls to my mom and Clint (who was out in Cherrypoint for the day and therefore several hours away from being able to assist me in my latest conundrum) I went up to the front office where I told the woman working “Um, a dead bird just fell in my fireplace and I can’t deal with this stuff.” She sent a maintenance man to come help me out and gave me a “Oh, you poor thing!”  So I head back to my apartment, still unable to even go close to the fireplace. Then I realize that Sex and the City is what’s playing on the television and immediately imagine a horrible situation where the man comes to remove our dead bird all the while something completely inappropriate is occurring on the tv, I have to change the channel. But the remote is on the couch, near the fireplace, and therefore completely out of the question. I decided to let the potential Sex and the City awkwardness go and just focus on making our lil’ home dead bird free. So the man finally gets to my apartment, empty-handed mind you, and asks if I have a trash bag or something. So I go over grab a trash bag and walk back over to see the man reaching right on into the fireplace. OH MY GOSH HE’S GOING TO PICK UP THE DEAD BIRD WITH THIS BAREHANDS!! AND THEN HE’S GOING TO PUT  IT IN MY OPEN TRASHBAG!! I CAN’T FEEL THE WEIGHT OF THE BIRD!! 5 seconds of absolute panic. And then I’m told “I don’t see anything in here” Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. What’s going on?!! “There’s just this log in here” Oh my gosh, make me disappear. I hesitantly walked over to the fireplace, kind of still expecting for that maybe not-so-dead bird to come shooting out of my fireplace, and I see the log. The log that if you look at it just the right way, looks just like a dead bird. I apologized to the maintenance man and explained that “I’ve just been having one of those weeks, ya know, and now apparently I’m seeing dead birds.” I’m fairly certain he walked back up to the office and had a chuckle with the woman who had previously felt a bit of pity on me. So there I sat in my apartment, a little bit embarrassed, a whole lot relieved, and along side my dead bird log.

Here’s the rest of what’s been going on…

-I actually managed to mess up making ramen noodles. I’m not sure what happened but they were seriously bad. I’m not quite sure how one is capable of cooking dinner every single night yet can’t properly prepare ramen noodles.
-I am not a good window shopper. Over the weekend Clint and I made our way to the mall because I had to return something and then we just walked around and “window shopped” but I’ll just say this. I hate window shopping. I’m no good at it and it just makes me sad. I actually want new boots, I don’t want to just look at them
-Part of us ridding our home of fleas was Borax-ing our home. This involved pouring a powder all over everything. Our floor, our furniture, it was everywhere. And it left me seriously overwhelmed. And when I was woken up at 7:30 the following morning to “wake up and vacuum” I was less than thrilled. So I vacuumed the entire apartment and the furniture and then was left to clean up the dust that had made its way onto every last surface, and I’m fairly certain, into my body. Apparently one is supposed to wear a mask when cleaning up Borax because the dust can be dangerous. I learned that tidbit after spending an entire day in bed with what I’m assuming was a Borax-induced migraine. Just fabulous. 

-I learned through sleep. It was accidental but it happened. After the hours I spent vacuuming the apartment I took myself a little nap on the couch while watching The View. In my dream I was on Who Want’s to Be a Millionaire and I was doing some serious work. When I woke up I thought to myself, a Yall is a boat. And I have no idea how I know that! Then when the commercial break was over on tv I realized that Who Want’s to Be a Millionaire was currently on. So I pondered, and then I put that DVR to good use and rewound through the program to discover that in fact one of the questions was about what a yall is! I learned, while I slept! And now I know what a yall is.
-My husband got in bed the other night with a container of Oreo’s. I’ve taught him my ways. :]
-After weeks of Baseball and Debates and Election coverage my tv shows are finally getting back to normal. Parenthood is back tonight and I am excited!

What’s been awkward and awesome with you all lately?

Fashion Friday.

Yesterday I tried something that I’ve been wanting to give a go at for quite some time. The, dress, tights, boots, look. I always love how it looks on other people but have been hesitant to try it myself. And I always feel like my dresses are just a bit too much for a look like these. I needed something casual. So about a month back when I spotted this dress on the 75% off rack at Target I snatched it up. It was $7! It also was a medium, so I got the chance to pull out my sewing skills and do a bit of altering to make this a bit more flattering. I liked that it was dark yet had tons of color. Plus, since the base color is black I knew I’d be able to pair a dark set of tights (which I already had) with it. Also, prepare yourselves for some serious sun flare… sometimes we take these Fashion Friday pics at just the right time.

What do you all think?
Did I get it right?!

What are some trends you want to try this fall/winter?