Go Pack.

When Clint first found out he’d be moving to Raleigh, NC we knew we’d eventually be faced with one seriously important decision that could change the course of our time in this new city.

NC State. Chapel Hill. or Duke.

It didn’t take too long for us to decide that we’d make good NC State fans. The UNC.Duke rivalry was a bit too intense for either one of us to handle seeing as we’re not fans of either school, and what’s worse than someone just jumping on the bandwagon? We figured State was the most similar to Appalachian, AND, all the people we know that went to or go to State are just really nice. So they get our vote. However, until this past weekend we had yet to make our new fandom official. Thanks so to some super nice and thoughtful people I was able to make the Simpson/State relationship flourish. (Clint had military stuff to tend to that day so he was MIA). I got to attend my very first State football game- and as luck and a free exhibition game would have it- my first State basketball game as well.


The football wasn’t quite as pretty as the day but hey, now we can say we are officially State fans- I did clap along with the fight song after all. So even though I slightly feel like I’m cheating on my Mountaineers here a little bit I’ll say it…

Go Wolfpack!


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