Awkward and Awesome.

Happy Tuesday, people! That ^ is the tree outside our apartment and sadly it’s letting go of all its leaves. But it does offer up a parking lot carpet of bright golden yellows and accents of rustic orange. (Which the apartment people loudly blow into giant piles and then haul away). Either way, I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

-One night last week our cable and internet went out, just as we were falling asleep. Now this is probably pathetic and most likely not good, but I sort of can’t fall asleep without the tv being on. So in addition to not having the tv on, we were also running our dishwasher. I basically spent the next hour in bed convinced that some sort of transformer was inhabiting our kitchen/living room. It was a rough night.
-I’ve recently been hating having to go to Harris Teeter. I typically don’t mind but the past few weeks I’ve just been dreading those weekly trips. However, sometimes I go and get a nice little treat. Like when a husband and wife go to the grocery store together. It cracks me up to watch how these trips go. I saw a man standing in front of the pasta sauce and I thought his head was just going to explode. Yes, there is Marinara, Traditional, and Italian… and there is a difference.. good luck making the right choice! I later saw that couple in a different aisle and the Mrs was taking items out of her cart and replacing them with different versions/brands. Apparently that Mr didn’t make the right choices.
-The other morning our fax machine was plugged in, because Clint was expecting a fax, but I was still in bed and didn’t know this. So suddenly I hear a really loud phone ringing and have never sat up so quick in bed in my life. See, we don’t have a “home” phone, so when I heard a phone I immediately began thinking that naturally, there is some rando person in our home who broke in and received a phone call.

-You know when you’re making grilled cheese and you get to use those wonderful little Kraft squares. You unwrap the plastic and there is always that one little sliver on the end that is just begging to be pulled off? I absolutely love that little piece. And ironically, the day after I made my only little grilled cheese lunch I received the following text from my sister and then laughed for about 5 minutes…

You’re welcome.

-Target already has some wonderful christmas things out. I love it. And I’m digging the commercial with the cute pup. Yes it’s a tad bit on the early side but yesterday I shopped for our christmas cards online while listening to some christmas tunes and it just felt right, so I won’t deny myself of the Christmas cheer.
-The Harris Teeter check out lady called me Mrs Simpson (apparently the VIC card makes my name pop up). After the initial “who you talking’ to?!” moment I had, I smiled :]
-I recently had to go into my e-mail’s spam folder to do some searching for a missing e-mail and I discovered something. My e-mail has a mind of its own… Kate Spade e-mails? Rejected! That’s right, evidently Google thinks I’m too good for Kate and her overpriced Spades.
-According to Hollywood gossip, Leonardo DiCaprio is single again. Now obviously, I’m taken. But if Jack Dawson isn’t mine he needs to stay single and pining over his lost love with Kate Winslet.
-My sweet husband says Thank You to me for doing stuff around the house. I really like that. It’s so simple and yet so easily overlooked. I sure do love that man.

What’s been awkward & awesome with you all lately?


3 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome.

  1. Hehe. This one was a funny one- particularly the man in the apt with the phone. However, I have to admit I would have thought the same thing. When I used to live @coleman house they had built in ceiling speakers and when they went to the beach the one upstairs magically went on one evening. Naturally I thought someone was up there dancing as they were stealing all of our goods. So sure enough I call the family and make them stay on the phone as I walk up the stairs to catch the theif dancing to Rihanna. Turns out the speakers have a mind of their own and I didn’t need to swing the golf club at anyone. Phew.

    That moment that your putting in an IV and the patient asks how long you have been a nurse. Best answer: you don’t want to know.

    Getting a craply cart. I hate wal mart enough already but every single trip I make there I get a cart that’s wheels won’t roll straight. Here I am pushing a cart sideways as the wheels produce all sorts of clangs.


    My job. Simple. I love that I am a nurse.

    The fact that Xmas movies will no longer be considered too early in 2 weeks. I seriously love them all.

  2. Why is your first reaction always “OMG, someone is in the house and they are after me!!!”. Haha. Someone needs to stop watching scary movies and focus more on nick at night. I heard they are making a sequel to Boy Meets World.

  3. On my defense I had a long long day. Sorry about the cheese Kim! Christmas Cheer already!! I guess I better get on that one. Awesome!!! I finally joined Pintrest!!!


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