Fashion Friday.

Yesterday I tried something that I’ve been wanting to give a go at for quite some time. The, dress, tights, boots, look. I always love how it looks on other people but have been hesitant to try it myself. And I always feel like my dresses are just a bit too much for a look like these. I needed something casual. So about a month back when I spotted this dress on the 75% off rack at Target I snatched it up. It was $7! It also was a medium, so I got the chance to pull out my sewing skills and do a bit of altering to make this a bit more flattering. I liked that it was dark yet had tons of color. Plus, since the base color is black I knew I’d be able to pair a dark set of tights (which I already had) with it. Also, prepare yourselves for some serious sun flare… sometimes we take these Fashion Friday pics at just the right time.

What do you all think?
Did I get it right?!

What are some trends you want to try this fall/winter?


3 thoughts on “Fashion Friday.


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