Wish List Wednesday.

I tend to forget that I have a photo booth on my laptop. When I remember we find ourselves with pictures that look like these. There are many more of Clint seriously refusing the photo booth.

Anyways. Here’s my wish list for this week!

Hats, Jacket, Scarf, Sweater, Sweater

I didn’t realize this until after I had gathered all the photos together, but apparently I’m in a coral/red mood today. I also was searching for lots of chunky, snuggly, comfy things.

Hats– I love these hats with their cute little poof balls!! They are actually from the Gap who is showing signs of actually having a good holiday line this year. They’ve got some equally as cute scarves on their website, so you can go check those out. These are priced pretty well (under $20!) and I’m a big fan of the colors they offer them in… nothing too crazy. I have a couple of cute little hats but some of them are so colorful and out there I don’t feel like I can wear them with as much. Those three up there would look great with tons of colors so they offer more versatility- and bang for your buck!

Jacket– If I was a rich girl, na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na. That’s the tune I’m singing to myself while I drool over this coat. Why do you do this to me J. Crew!??!! Why?! You make these incredible pieces of clothing that fit every single person just right, and look incredible. And then you make me give you an arm and a leg to have it. (While I’m on this.. seriously, has anyone else noticed how much more expensive this place has gotten lately?) This jacket is just winter perfection. I can see the snow falling around me while I do twirls in this trench. It’s so lovely I can’t hardly stand it.

Scarf– Someone, anyone, please buy me this scarf. please. Madewell has decided to name the color of this scarf, antler. Which I think means that Santa had a little input on this baby. I’m a super fan of the circle scarf but this one truly takes it to a whole new level- the flannel lining! I have maybe, possibly, already begun brainstorming outfit ideas to accent this seriously super scarf.

Multi-Color Sweater– There are many days that I walk into my closet and just want to throw on a sweater and have it all be done. That’s what I did today. But my sweater is boring and just plain green and 100% not an outfit maker. This multi-color sweater is most definitely an outfit maker and that’s why I need it. Throw on a pair of jeans, some boots and this easy peasy sweater and wham bam, done and done. And I can kind of also see this with my red jeans.. like a full on ombre outfit. It has potential to be amazing.

Holiday Sweater-So last year I bought my sister a Holiday-style sweater from J. Crew for Christmas that had moose/reindeer or some other winter animal on it. Ever since then I’ve been jealous and wanting to snatch one up of my own. This one is pretty simple (and inexpensive) and again, it makes for a complete outfit made simple. I imagine me wearing this sweater, Clint wearing this (ha!), as we sit around our fireplace sipping hot coco, singing along to Christmas carols and watching a Charlie Brown Christmas. (He actually hates Snoopy- ?!?? I know, right?!)

That’s what I’m wishing for this week! 

What are you all wishing for?!!



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