Awkward and Awesome.

This week’s A&A is a bit short- I actually contemplated just not doing it since I don’t have much to share. However I have one seriously awesome piece that I had to let you all know (you can find it down there in the awesome section!)


-Apparently Clint hates when I eat carrots. Those things are loud by nature, I can’t help it! Let’s see anyone try to eat a carrot without being just a little bit obnoxious.
-So I finally decided to be a responsible driver and get my oil changed (I was only over by 300 miles- that’s some sort of record for me!) This is probably more of a personal issue but I just always feel so judged at more guy-friendly places. I can hardly even get half way through the parking lot at a Home Depot without feeling out-of-place and Jiffy Lube is no exception to that. As I sat patiently in the waiting room I couldn’t help but feel like all the guys out in the shop were talking about me. What were they discussing? Who knows. The sea-horse on my keychain, the multiple sets of directions and hand drawn maps of Raleigh on my car floor, my complete and total lack of understanding between all the different oils that they persistently tried to make me upgrade to. I don’t know what they were talking about, but I could tell, they were talking. (Also, at Home Depot they seem to think any female that enters the store couldn’t possibly know her way around without being asked ten thousand times. No, really, I can find the paint samples just fine by myself, thank you very much).


-Clint got a promotion at work! Yay yay yay. So very proud of him and all his hard work this past year. He’s truly earned it and I couldn’t be more thankful for how he provides for our family.  A work promotion and a military promotion all within 6 months, I married a stud.
-Tomorrow we are heading home for a nice long weekend to be spent with our families. Moving away from everyone has made us both so much more appreciate of the small bits of time we do have together with the people we love. And the fact that a plethora of food is going to be involved makes it that much better.
-Sometimes I have days where I really start believing that I will eventually find a job. Today was one, and these days are so much greater than the alternative. There will be a time where Clint and I are both happily employed and we are going to be more thankful for it than we could have ever imagined.


What’s been awkward & awesome lately?


4 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome.

  1. Awkward, a strange lady and I have the same color acura and are both trying to open the doors with our remote keys realizing we are standing at the wrong cars……AWKWARD!!!!
    Awesome…….Turkey day is coming and lots of good food and family to love on…yeah! Oh, and I got some really cool new boots!

  2. Is it the sound of the carrots or is it the smell of all that dang italian dressing that you drown them in? Personally for me, it’s the smell but you already know that 🙂
    See you tomorrow!!!!

    • Ha! We didn’t have any pepperoni so I was actually eating them with ranch. But seeing as Clint looked at me and said “could you be any louder?” I’m pretty sure it was the sound.


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