Awkward and Awesome.

I kind of can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve done an A&A! I was back in Charlotte for nearly two weeks while Clint was on active duty orders and my blogging just went right out the window. But now we’re both back home together and I’ve got a handful of lovely awkward and awesome moments to share.

-As I briefly mentioned yesterday, our water stopped working. It was intentionally shut off because of a main pipe burst (or whatever the lady over the phone who clearly had no clue told me). Well, when it first shut off Clint just went ahead and opened that little closet that the water heater lives in and then left the door open… all day. This is probably irrational, but I’m terrified of water heaters. I mean, I love them for what they do and all, but I’d like to ignore their existence. Well, every 45 minutes or so when I’d go check the sink in our bathroom to see if the water was back on (I checked the kitchen too, for whatever reason I felt the need to check both, as if one would work before the other) I would have to run, eyes closed, hand over my ears (it makes me feel safer, it can’t be explained, its true though) past that dreadful water heater. Sure, sure, just close the door you say… Did you not catch back there where I said I ran past the closet. I couldn’t possibly stand there long enough to close an accordion style door (those things require maneuvering!). I’m not sure if the point of this story is that I’d be almost completely helpless on my own or that I’m slightly crazy, but I know the result, my future home will have an electric, tankless water heater.

-With Clint and I both being out-of-town for two weeks we came home to a very empty refrigerator and pantry. So like any two people who want to eat something other than dry cereal and soup, we went to the grocery store. Except, so did everyone else. You see, we got home the day a “winter storm” was supposed to hit. Thankfully Clint didn’t have to work so he was able to join me on the adventure (and honestly it would not have been pretty if I had to go alone- he navigated the cart through the crowds of completely oblivious people like a pro, I’d likely still be standing behind that lady in the red coat who had no idea anyone else existed). Considering both of us went to school at Appalachian, where snow is just a part of life (I literally slid into a parking spot at the grocery store on more than one occasion), we maybe were a bit naive as to what would be left at the grocery store. Orange juice, gone. Milk, long gone. Razors and batteries, quickly dwindling (’cause everybody knows you’ve got to be clean-shaven in a snow storm). The lines were longer than long. A part of me wanted to walk around wearing a sign saying : I’m not a crazy person, I’ve just been out-of-town! The worst part, I was dead set on having some Mac & Cheese for dinner meaning I NEEDED milk. So we were forced to be those people, the one’s who go to the Fresh Market and just get a gallon of milk. Those people definitely thought that we were those people.

-We went and saw Zero, Dark, Thirty. And I’ll be completely honest with you, I was absolutely not ready for it. Let’s enter the truth zone together:::: I’m afraid to go to the movie theater. The Dark Knight shooting has left me in an anxious place. I actually went and saw the Dark Knight a few days after the shooting happened and the experience was horrible. I didn’t take my eyes off the exit door for the first hour of the movie and even when I did I have to admit, I was thinking about it. That was the last movie I’d seen so it’s been a few months since I’ve actually been to the movies (and that is absolutely my favorite date night). This may have not been the best movie for me to dive back into things with. Guns, torture, high intensity scenes accompanied by booming loud explosions, not the best combo for a lady on the edge of her seat ready to hit the floor. But the worst moment actually presented itself the instant the lights went low and the previews set in. Within ten seconds of the theater getting dark someone came in through the exit door, with a gun. And me and my anxious self took a few extra beats to process that it was a cop who was 100% there to prevent the moment I was dreading. However, I now know that my natural instinct is to freeze.. so that’s not so great. I watched the entire movie with one hand covering my sight of the door and the other holding my cell-phone inside my purse. I’m certain I looked like the most suspicious person in the theater.  While I was home I went to a matinée with my sister and saw This is 40 and was about 85% ok so I’m thinking those dramatic, gun slinging, intensity-filled movies are going to have to go on the back burner for a while.

-It’s finally happened. I have become a person with duct tape on my car. (Oh gosh, it’s even worse having to type it!) I try not to complain about my car because A. It was free to me. B. It does in fact get me from one place to another. C. I at least try to not seem ungrateful. Yes, I hate my car. But it’s not because it’s far from my dream car, it’s mostly because I just feel really unsafe in it… like.. “why is my steering wheel shaking so much?!!” kind of unsafe. On several occasions I’ve been brought to tears while driving on long trips that require lots of interstate time. It’s not so wonderful knowing your speeding around on a piece of plastic (not actually speeding.. I dread those 70mph speed limits.. just let me drive slow and steady!!) Anyways, you know those frames that go around your windshield. It’s black, it’s slim, and unless yours has been flapping in the wind trying to jump off your car you’ve probably never given it a second glance. Well, on my way back to Raleigh, my little frame decided it was so over me. (Or maybe it too felt unsafe and was leaving me for a better life). Either way, I was just terrified enough that it would fall off (and then my windshield would just, ya know.. fall in on me- I’ve been assured this actually wouldn’t happen, but it’s called a freak accident for a reason) so I made my way off the next exit that looked like it was home to non-crazy people (you can totally tell by the fast food places!) and to a Walgreens where I bought the smallest roll of duct tape they had. Then, in the brutal wind, I stood in the parking lot and taped my car back together. And you know what… I have never wanted a job more than I did at the exact moment I smoothed out that first piece of tape. We went and bought some adhesive that is supposedly going to put that piece back in its place, but I feel like once you join the duct tape group, you kind of can’t really leave it so I’ll just be waiting around  for the next boo boo that needs taping.


-It’s almost February! Which means we’re getting closer and closer to Clint’s Birthday, Sydney’s (our kitty) Birthday, and hey, hey, what do you know??! This little Blog’s birthday :] I love, love, love birthdays, really, I could celebrate people I love every day, but having a day where I can throw confetti at them and it’s ok, I can definitely get on board with that. It also means Valentine’s day, and I may or may not have already made some cards for some special people. Love myself a sweet holiday.

-In a very particular way, it’s really nice to miss someone. I have missed my family tons since moving, and when Clint was gone for two weeks I missed him more and more each day. While it’s never ideal to have to miss anyone (oh, how awesome it’d be to have everyone you love in the same zip code),  it makes me feel really blessed to have people in my life that I love and am loved by to miss. And there are few things better than being reunited with someone you’ve been missing. It’s just awesome.

What’s been awkward and awesome with you all lately?


2 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome.

  1. Awkward:
    Finally getting to meet the head of your department at work (alone) in the elevator….only you had already changed into gym clothes to go work out….and they weren’t even the nice gym clothes b/c you were in a rush that morning and didn’t take the time to make sure things matched…..or that your ponytail was even straight. Oh Mondays.

    Going skiing this week for the first time this winter! Bring on the snow!


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