Some LOVELY decorations.

Some people just love to complain about Valentine’s day and how silly and manufactured it is. I’m not one of them. And to those people I say, sorry you’re such a little pessimist, I’m choosing to LOVE love. Because really, Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be all about having your one and only valentine show up with roses and chocolate. It can be about everyone you love. And I’m sure not going to pass up on a chance to let people know how special they are to me. And… I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… I love a holiday with a color scheme.

So, now that we’re only 10 days out from Valentine’s Day I decided it would be ay-ok for me to go ahead and add some lovely decorations to our home. Here’s some LOVELY Valentine’s garland.




Want to make this for your home? 

I made the heart garland by punching out lots of 2″ hearts with a punch out then ran them through the sewing machine to bring them all together. If you don’t have a punch out or a sewing machine you could always do pink and red paper chains. Just as easy and way easier than cutting those hearts out by hand.

For the banner, cut out as many squares for each letter of your message and cut a small triangle out of the bottom. Then place a small strip of an opposing color piece of paper through the middle (this helps the letters pop!). For the font, you can go over here and download it for free! Then cut out your letters and glue them in place. I used some natural twine and small colorful clothes pin to hold the pieces in place.

I didn’t want to put any nails in the wall since we’re moving soon so I just put a small piece of tape on the ends and they seem to be holding up well, but you could always use little nails or even command hooks.

How are you all decorating for this lovely time of year?!



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