Fashion Friday.

For this week’s fashion friday I thought I’d share a little bit about how my personal style has come about.

I tend to wear a lot of layers. I find it makes me feel more comfortable and less, “hey, look at my skinny arms.” I do believe it was those treacherous middle school years of non-stop “you must be anorexic” jabs that led me to a life of cardigans in the summer. As I’ve gotten older and naturally settled in and filled out more I feel a little bit less of a responsibility to keep my “gross arms” and “stick legs” hidden and more open to different styles. In a strange way, layers have kind of become a little security blanket for me. I hardly ever leave home without a jacket or sweater, and if I do it always seems to be when I wish I had it most. With each passing year I feel a little bit less awkward about my complete lack of curves, but when those chilly days come rolling around I’m always ready to bring out the layers and a smile.




These two were too good-looking to leave out. :]



3 thoughts on “Fashion Friday.

  1. You’re gorgeous and I’m sure you would look good in clothing styles with or without layers although I have to say I totally love layers too (I wear my chambray button up over pretty much everything). Oh and you’re cat is super adorable!


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