Wish List Wednesday: Online Shopping.


I’ve mentioned before that I really do not enjoy window shopping. However, me and online shopping, we get along really well. We’re pretty good friends, the internet and I. Yesterday I decided I needed to do some therapeutic online shopping. For years now I have added thousands of items to online shopping carts just to let them sit there forever. You see, I never actually buy any of it, but popping it in the virtual cart almost feels just as good as if I was hanging the new item in my closet. One of the reasons I “shop” online is to find things I like, duh. But then I look at what I like online and figure out what of those things I already kind of have. Like that first pink top. After adding it to my american eagle cart I went to get dressed today and I just wanted that pink top! So I looked through my own closet and pulled out my pink and white striped pocket tee from the Gap that has been hiding/ it has a small hole in the back which requires a jacket be worn so I tend to write it off. I slid that tee off the hanger and made my own little variation of the outfit I wanted. Zero spent.. and it’s kind of like a new shirt again since I haven’t worn it for so long. (I love when I haven’t worn something for so long that when I do put it on again the mister asks if its new.. It’s like I went shopping in my own closet.)

So up there, is just a bit of what is currently sitting in my online shopping carts. Everything is from either J.Crew, American Eagle/Aerie, or Ann Taylor Loft. FYI- if I had ordered everything yesterday I’d be out $1236. We’ll be sticking to the “leave it in the cart” method for a while longer. Also, just a little tidbit. There are several companies where if you’ve bought something from them before, and therefore they have your e-mail address, and you put items in an online shopping cart and then “x” out of the screen, they’ll send you an e-mail saying something to the extent of “hey you left some items in your cart, come back and get them with 15% off!”. It works, and I’ve done it more times than is probably ethical.

Happy online shopping!



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