Awkward & Awesome

Quite honestly, this past week has been the most awkward/awesome week. I’m choosing to call it that rather than bitter-sweet. We moved, which is wonderful. However, I must admit, moving to a new place in Raleigh just made me realize more and more that Raleigh is home now, something that makes me a little sad. It’s been a week filled with prayer that God will make His vision for our life in Raleigh known to us. On the flip side of this, it’s been a week filled with excruciating waiting, waiting for the phone to ring with good news on the other end. A phone call that would change our plans, and the place we call home. Still waiting on that phone call, but at least now I’m waiting from a place with bigger windows and crown molding.

On we go to this week’s dose of A&A


-My mom bought me a salt-box. (You put salt in it, all the Food Network Chef’s use them.) The very first time I actually used the salt-box I opened it up at an angle and spilt a VERY generous amount of salt on a piece of chicken. To resolve this issue I ended up rubbing pieces of chicken together to rub the salt around a bit. I’m pretty sure the Food Network chef’s never do that.
-We’ve been watching the new show The Following, I have now had nearly five sleepless nights because of it. It is terrifying  but I can’t help going back for more each week, it’s a seriously good show… well, from what I can tell as I watch 75% of it off the reflection of the window near the tv- I can’t watch it directly, scary-ness is much easier to take in, in reflection form.
-Due to our move, I now have a new Harris Teeter. I made the first trip yesterday and it was almost hysterical how horribly I navigated that store. They keep the orange juice near the cheese. What?! Everybody knows the orange juice is either near the yogurts, the random chip dips, or hanging out at an end of aisle display that you’ll pass 10 times before realizing it’s there… not near the cheese. Also, grapes were on my list, grapes did not make it home with me, apparently those little suckers found themselves a real good hiding spot.

-New apartment! A very small part of me will miss lil’ apartment, a part about as big as our old kitchen- and that’s pretty tiny. I haven’t decided what I want to call new apartment yet, suggestions welcome! To help brew ideas I’ll tell you a bit about our new home. Our kitchen has approximately 21 cabinets (and a full on pantry!), yes i counted, you really cannot underestimate how small the last kitchen was. Our closet has 3 racks, 3 shelves, and enough room for 3 people to live in comfortably. I’ve never had a closet that fit all my clothes and still allowed me to actually slide the hangers as I survey things each morning, this closet does so much more than that. In a nutshell, we have room, lots of room, as in, I’ll actually have to switch outlets when vacuuming. Pretty stoked about that.
-I did a load of laundry yesterday and the dryer door doesn’t slam into my side every two seconds anymore, it actually stays open.  A small victory, but none the less, I can’t tell you how many loud grunts of frustration have been caused by that horrible little dryer door and it’s closing tendencies. Clint says it’s because our dryer must have not been level at our old place but I really think almost every dryer I’ve ever used has taken one or two good whacks into my backside as I toss my clothes in for a spin.

What’s been awkward and awesome lately?


One thought on “Awkward & Awesome

  1. Awkward: Thinking you got in so early to work in the morning that no one else is on your row. So you adjust your very dryer damaged bra to only look back behind you and see someone (a woman) in your row who had apparently been bent over when you first looked….seriously hoping they didn’t just see that…
    Awesome: Spring/summer clothes are finally hitting the stores and the time changes next week! The warmer weather is on it’s way 🙂


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