Fashion Friday.


This week I am officially eating my words. Once upon a time I uttered words that went a little something like this… “Leggings are the worst, people just need to put some pants on, seriously!”

I’ll go ahead and assume it was the four years of college in which I had every other co-ed’s bum bopping around campus, showing off just how many people really don’t understand that leggings are not pants. The legging overload averted my desire to ever put on a pair myself. Now that I’m nearly two years detached from the days of college (and even though I live in a city stacked to the rim with Universities) I found myself standing in my closet the other night wearing an outfit that I just could not get right… it needed leggings. I knew it. The Mr knew it. Even our little kitty knew it. Fast forward an hour and the two of us are standing in Target trying to decide if black or navy jeggings is the way to go (we went with black- I would have gone navy but sometimes I have to trust the husband’s eye and let him be my stylist). So now, here I sit, very comfortably, in my jeggings. They are kind of fantastic. I still contend that any and all leggings need to be paired with a top that doesn’t show off one’s derriere, and I think they are pretty inapro-pro for the gym, but for a comfy-cozy but still want to feel put-together kind of day… they’re perfect.






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