Awkward and Awesome.

-When you play the whole “guess how much it cost?!” game with someone, trying to show off how little you paid for something, but they guess a number even lower. $4 for a banana republic bracelet?  no-no, thats called stealing.
-A man in our apartment complex has a hover round chair, which I kind of just love all in itself… mostly because I just imagine he rolls around singing the song… hover round takes me where I want to go, where will it send me. However, this man has taken his hover round lifestyle to a whole new level. I saw him taking his trash to the dumpster, via rolling office chair. As in, he was sitting in his hover round, pushing a rolling chair, with a bag of trash on it. It got even better as I watched him come rolling back from the dumpster, so he was just a man… in a chair… pushing a chair. Kind of kicking myself for not taking a picture.
-Hey Jet Dry, if you’re going to explode bubbles all over the floor maybe you and your 30% more! bottle could warn me to move my brand new kitchen rug out-of-the-way first.
-I made scrambled eggs for breakfast. Scrambled them all up in a bowl and then put them in a pan, took care of a few things and then came back to actually cook them, and apparently those things unscrambled themselves, causing me to scramble the eggs in the pan while I cooked them. I could feel The Barefoot Contessa shaking her head at me.
-Oh ya know, just realizing I basically didn’t pay federal taxes at my last job. Goodbye large chunk of the tax return. Sorry honey.


-The moment you spot a gas station and you’re pretty sure you use your last little bottle of acceleration to pull up to the pump, no greater sense of relief.
-Daylight Savings Time! This should really fall into the awkward category because there is probably few things that I understand less than DST, I really can’t even think about it for that long. [[Side story: Two years ago I was in Arizona for spring break and my last night there was during DST, however I was in a part of Arizona that doesn’t do Daylight Savings Time, and my flight home was early, and I had no idea if the airport was doing normal time or Arizona no daylight savings, time. Even thinking back to it now gives me a headache, I have no idea how I made it onto that flight.]] Although I don’t understand it even in the slightest, I know that it’s now brighter later and that means Summer nights and weekends spent by the pool are just around the corner!
-A cup of tea in the afternoon… and the fact that our faucets give out water that is so hot I don’t even have to heat up water. (This is literally the only time I appreciate it, burning my hands 20 times a day and then doing that awkward jig of trying to turn on the cold water with your wrist… not so great.)

What’s been awkward & awesome with you all lately?


3 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome.

  1. Awkward: Being in your bosses office with other people for a meeting and NOT acting completely disgusted when he just starts burping out loud. Test of visible self-control – passed.

    Awesome: I echo the DST! I love me some sunlight!

  2. God I love your blog….you crack me up. I totally agree with the Jet Dry. Has happened to me as well. FYI…..Clint can adjust the temperature on the water heater. There is a dial on it that you can lower.Usually very visible. I wouldn’t ask you to do it since you made me hang a curtain in front of it so it doesn’t freak you out. XOXO


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