Awkward and Awesome.


-Sometimes you just have to cry. Can I get an Amen, ladies? Well, when I was driving the horrible 3 hour drive from Raleigh to Charlotte, in pouring rain, with a headache, and realized about half way in that I left something back in Raleigh that I absolutely needed, and then had to drive back, I found myself sitting in my car in a Firebird’s parking lot crying a seriously not-cute cry to my understanding husband. About 3 hours later when I was still in the car, not yet at my destination, but rather s l o w l y making my way through traffic I yet again couldn’t resist letting the flood gates down and letting the tears flow. It was bad. And at the end of my 5 and a half hour car ride I arrived home with a headache, a neck ache, a sore behind, and puffy eyes. Man oh man I will not be missing that drive.

-As I now know. I’m allergic to Gain Apple Mango Tango detergent. $15 right down the agitating drain. On the flip side, now we can splurge on the Tide and feel pretty good about it.

– In our old apartment we lived above a man name Joe. I only know this because of the nasty note he once left us, not because we ever spoke. Joe apparently felt the need to leave us a note on our door step one morning telling us that he was terminally ill with cancer and slept a lot and that we were disrupting him with our “loud project” (We’re about 90% sure the issue was our washer and dryer.. sorry, but sometime’s a girl’s gotta start the dryer at 10:30pm). We also believe that Joe once ripped open a bag of trash we left outside our front door before taking it up to the dumpster. Aside from all that, I kind of always worried that Joe was going to die in his apartment and we’d never know, and I’d just be living above a dead person. Now that we no longer live there, and we now live above a young lively-looking man, I just kind of worry that Joe is going to die in his apartment and there will be no one living above him to slowly begin to figure out that the strange smell invading the place is Joe.



– You guys. I touched the Titanic. And as I shoved my hand down inside that little tiny hole in the display box and reached out my long fingers to touch a piece of history, I felt the connection. And I’ve never felt closer to Leonardo DiCaprio then at that exact moment. I’ve been wanting to go to the Titanic exhibit at the Natural History Museum for a while now and Clint and I finally made our way there. On the surface, it was a let-down. However, as an absolute fanatic of The Titanic (the movie) I just imagined that it was Jack and Rose who sipped tea from the tea cups on display. There were actually a LOT of pieces recovered from the ship but none of it really wowed me. Actually, if it wasn’t for that small piece of ship I got to make contact with, I’d likely call the whole thing a bust, but hey, I touched the Titanic and that makes me a happy lady. Also, we received cards on our way in that assigned us a character. We each had a back story and some info about our new titanic-riding selves. I was a New York lady who was in England purchasing my wedding dress, headed back to the States in 2nd class and traveling all by my lonesome. Clint was a Husband and Father of three, traveling in 3rd class. I survived the sinking, he did not. He didn’t check to see if his wife or children survived so I’m pretty sure this is what happened. We fell in love on board the ship, he abandoned his family during evacuations to be with me and selflessly gave up his own life so I could go on to live out my dreams. Or… he and his family got locked below deck and embraced each other as they drowned.

-Sometimes I actually get a shopping cart at Target that doesn’t have a squiggly, wobbly, pirouetting wheel and I’m able to smoothly navigate through the store without a squeaking echo. It’s the little things.

-This is my last week as an official Raleigh resident. If you even kind of read this blog, you know that makes me a happy happy happy person.

-The Sermon from our church this Easter Sunday was incredible. Absolutely the best yet. And you can go watch it right here. The final monologue had me in tears, and the response of people accepting Jesus as their savior, beautiful.


What’s been awkward and awesome lately?