Heavy Lifting.

You guys, this song. Is so spot on with me right now, I just have to write about it. And I’m even going to give you the video- I’m opting for the acoustic version tonight, it’s smooth, it’s soft, and I might even love it more than the live version.

You see, this has been one of my favorite worship songs for years now. It just speaks to my little heart, and gets me seriously pumped up about Jesus. (( Kelly from 5 years ago just laughed at me for actually saying the words “pumped up about Jesus”, but hey, out with the old, in with the new, wham bam, thank you mam. ))

Anyways, the other day I was driving home from work, singing this here song, watching the sun sail away into the west and I just had this moment. I got this song in such a different way then I ever got it before, and I became so aware of a stir within my soul.

The song declares,

‘We will hold, we will love
We will fall in surrender
We will rise, we will run
We will live to declare Your Name
Forever to bring You praise
Forever we’ll lift up Your Name”

Lately I’ve been praying that God would make His will my way, that He would prepare my heart to hear from Him and equip me with the obedience and courage to act in His image. I’m humbled daily by His mercy and grace in my life and I’m beginning to feel the weight, the weight of God’s majesty. Because what I realized the other day as I sang this song with new perspective was this, when you lift, you don’t release. When you lift, you keep him close. When you lift, everyone can see that you’re the one holding on to Him.

God has poured tremendous blessings into my life, and I can see now how skillfully He has blessed me. He has only ever blessed with me with exactly what I could lift up to him. The weight of God’s grace can be heavy, and He will never give me more than He believes I can handle, never more than I can lift.  I can see so clearly now how He has increased my blessings as I’ve increased my lifting. The more I lift my praise up to Him for what he pours into my life, the more He sends those blessings right back to me tenfold. Lately I have felt God putting the weight of His mercy and grace on me, I can feel him stacking on the pounds, reassuring me, I can take the weight, because He has prepared me for the heavy lifting. 






2 thoughts on “Heavy Lifting.

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  2. Wow!! So happy to hear that you can get so much from that song. Between bee stings, allergic reactions and bad colds I would say he thinks your pretty strong….I agree


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