A new outfit.

Now that this blog has officially worn the same outfit for over a year, I thought it was about time we made a little change. I’m not sure if I like it yet so for now we’re just trying it on for size. It would be¬†fabulous to buy a wonderfully personalized blog layout, soooo… you guys can just send your donations my way ;] We might be playing dress up over here for a few days so let me know which outfit looks the best on us!




I was going to write a post about reflecting on this past year and marveling over how much has changed since I started writing last February. Instead I’m just going to say thank you.

Thank you to all you people who read this little blog, there are far more of you than I ever would have expected. Thank you for laughing along with me as I recount some of the wonderfully awkward moments in my life. Thank you for telling me my outfits look nice, even though I look back at half of them and cringe. Thank you for sharing your own stories with me. Most¬†importantly, thank you for the comments, messages, texts, e-mails and phone calls of support when times get tough. I can’t begin to tell you how far kind words go with me, and how much all the anxiously written posts become worth it when I know I’m not alone.

I had wanted to write a blog for years when I finally began Something Beautiful, and now, a year into, I couldn’t be more glad that I finally did it.

What’s in a name?

Tonight Clint and I are going to a concert of one of our favorite bands, needtobreathe. (Yes it’s all one word). A band we’ve seen live before, listened to for hours upon hours in the car, and the band that helped give this blog a name.

Something Beautiful may now be my lovely little blog about life, love, fashion, and every awkward and awesome moment in between; but before it was that, it was a song. One of my absolute favorites and probably one of needtobreathe’s most popular.

When I started this blog the first thing I had to do was think of a name. Clint’s suggestion was “Kelly Reeves’ blog”. I pondered on that for a moment and decided I needed to turn to google. I typed in ‘how to name a blog’ and found some pretty awful feedback and a little bit of goodness. I looked at top blogs on all different sites to see what people chose to represent their blogs, and ultimately themselves.

I knew what I wanted my blog to be about- the moments in between the milestones- the idea of letting the small things be the things that make your day. After writing down lots of different adjectives and trying to come up with some sort of play on words I started looking through my iTunes library. I immediately went to my fav. band and zoned in on the song that seemed to describe perfectly what I wanted the blog to be about…

Something Beautiful