Awkward & Awesome.

It’s been wayyy too long since I’ve done an A&A! Trust me, it’s not from lack of content. I usually keep little notes in my phone of all the awkwardly awesome things that happen in my life and my list is quite long so I’ve just chosen some of my favorites to get me back into the A&A swing of things.


-A little while back I was home and had some free time so I decided to see what movies were OnDemand. To my delight, I saw that One Day was available. Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgess. Win-win. And it was. Right up until the end, when that movie decided to take one little twist and rip my heart right out. I cried, sobbed rather; the mascara ran, the tissues were brought in, it was not pretty. And now the sight of either of them just makes my heart melt.
-In the excruciating process of changing my name I had to visit the wonderful place that is the Social Security Office. It was pretty dreadful. I was sitting next to another young lady who was most likely the only other person in the room who spoke the same language as me. She was there changing her name as well, this casually came up in the “Do I have the right form?” conversation that took place between us. Trying to be all nice and cheerful I asked her when she got married… this is when I learned that not everyone is living life in newlywed bliss, some people are bitter divorcees. “I’m getting divorced…”.. accompany that with a look that partnered disgust with total and complete disdain, and the tone, ohh the tone, that’s where you have the end of our conversation. And me, sitting there, with my foot in my mouth, and another hour of waiting. The next day at the DMV I thought it best to bury myself into my phone and focus on pinning.


-Baking makes me really happy. This week oatmeal chocolate chip cookies did the trick.
-I recently was driving around and found myself behind an old station wagon. I shared a little giggle with myself thinking about how badly I used to want my family to have one of these, for one very specific reason, the back seats that turn around to face backwards. When I was little there was pretty much nothing as cool as that turned around back seat. I always imagined those lucky kids felt like they were tucked away in the back of the car in their own trendy little club. I haven’t seen one of these backseats in quite some time but I’m sure they are still pretty awesome.
-I have discovered a serious perk of little-apartment living. I can plug our vacuum into one outlet and it manages to reach every last corner of our apartment. I am very serious. This is slightly sad, partially pathetic and all the way awesome. I kind of really hate to vacuum, but this is mostly just because I can’t stand having to go back and forth pulling the plug out (although seriously, I usually end up just pulling the vacuum too far away and unplug it as I scoot down the hallway). Now, lil’ apartment has proven that sometimes small is better, or at least a bit more convenient.
-Today equals one month of marriage for me and my mister. I still like him, so I figure that’s good :]

What’s been awkward and awesome in your life lately?


Sister, sister.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Kim
Happy Birthday to you!

This is in no way a good photo of either of us, but it makes me laugh and I think it
shows us in our natural element- me antagonizing her- or in this
case, pretending to attack her with a ped egg.

Today is my sister’s birthday! This is the one day a year that I will openly acknowledge that she’s older than me. Every other day, we might as well be twins. I say this now because I know it bothers her and today, as her little sister, I feel it’s my responsibility to be slightly annoying.

Kim is turning 25 today,( and sadly I didn’t realize until yesterday that I completely missed out on the chance to have a quarter themed birthday celebration for her). I happen to seriously LOVE birthday y’all. Despite my efforts, without fail, every year Kim will say she had a bad birthday. I’m sure a psychologist could pinpoint this to something but I think I know exactly what it is. She secretly wishes we were twins and would share a birthday, double the birthday, double the fun type deal.

The only problem with the idea of us being actual twins is this… If I didn’t have her to look up to, who would I have become? Who would have been the girl with the pigtails that were always just that much longer than mine? Who would I have called to cheer me up during my nightmare of a junior year in high school? Who would have led the way for me to find my future college? Who would have been the one I looked up to with her confidence and drive? The thing about my not-so-twin sister is that she made the perfect big sister. Granted we spent the first 16 years as sisters hating each others every move, we found our way to a place of friendship and have never turned back, except of course to laugh.

My big sister is a big part of the reason I am who I am today. I am so proud to call her my sister, my friend, and excitedly, my maid of honor. When we were kids I got us necklaces (they were actually free, I truly never would have paid for them, really, we hated each other) that read…  Sisters by chance, Friends by choice… she was allergic to the necklace.

Today, on her birthday, I hope she knows that while I’ll still think of us as twins when tomorrow rolls around, I couldn’t be more thankful that I had her as my big sister. It may have just been by chance, but it led to a choice to become the best of friends.

So here’s a Happy 25th to my Big Sis!

51, right?

Not gonna lie here people, for much of my childhood I thought there was 51 states in the US of A. I thought New Jersey wasn’t a state and D.C was. I thought Alaska was about the size of Maine and the whole mid- west was a cluster of the unknown.

Now, I of course know better. In fact I can name all 50 states in under three minutes- this is harder than it sounds, I promise.

Today was Wells Fargo day of caring and since both of my siblings work there I always join in. This year we went to a local Elementary School and painted the states on their blacktop. This is something my Elementary School had as well but I always just layed down in California and called recess a win. Hopefully the kids at this school will venture out more.


Now go get yourself a piece of paper and a stop watch. Can you name all 50?

Fashion Friday.

This week I was a bit lazy in my picture-taking, I only took pictures one day, so I decided I’d look into my past a bit and show you how my fashionable ways came to be.

I knew colored pants and pastels were in.

Florals were always a staple.

I knew there was no such thing as too much sparkle.

When it came to nautical, it was all or nothing.

Sometimes I followed the trends of those who came before.

And sometimes I just tried to keep up.

Hope you all had a fashionable and fabulous week!