Fashion Friday- Inspired.

For Fashion Friday this week I decided to use some inspiration to pull an outfit together. This week’s inspiration is…

Monochromatic outfits, and in this particular case, I’m going all out denim.

I’ve really been feeling monochromatic outfits lately, I think some people just really seem to pull together all the right pieces in the perfect set of shades. When I decided I was going to   try to pull off a one-colored outfit I initially wanted to do something fun, red! yellow! green! After doing some inspiration searching on these I found out two things… all those outfits are much easier said than done, and two, does anyone out there wear something other than white or black with a pair of red pants. I searched for a cute red pant outfit for quite some time with very little luck. So I finally came upon the conclusion that blue would probably be the easiest color to begin with, and that kind of just snowballed into a denim outfit. I opted to not wear a denim shirt, mostly because it would just be too hot. So here is this weeks attempt at a monochromatic outfit.

This week I went blue, what color is right for you?!