I was going to write a post about reflecting on this past year and marveling over how much has changed since I started writing last February. Instead I’m just going to say thank you.

Thank you to all you people who read this little blog, there are far more of you than I ever would have expected. Thank you for laughing along with me as I recount some of the wonderfully awkward moments in my life. Thank you for telling me my outfits look nice, even though I look back at half of them and cringe. Thank you for sharing your own stories with me. Most importantly, thank you for the comments, messages, texts, e-mails and phone calls of support when times get tough. I can’t begin to tell you how far kind words go with me, and how much all the anxiously written posts become worth it when I know I’m not alone.

I had wanted to write a blog for years when I finally began Something Beautiful, and now, a year into, I couldn’t be more glad that I finally did it.


The skies were blue.

A couple of weeks back I went and spent the day with a sweet friend in Aberdeen, NC and we wandered around some of the beautiful small-town landscape. Here are just a few shots from a day filled with beautiful weather, delicious coffee, an attempted photography how-to, and great friendship.


This first shot reminds me SO much of a lake up in Boone, NC that I used to
run at in college… sans mountainous backdrop.




A day off.

Yesterday I took the day off from all things job-searching related to visit an old-friend in her new city. Here are a few shots from my day exploring Pinehurst, NC. 

We went to the Historic Pinehurst hotel where there was a festival of Christmas trees going on. This involved dozens and dozens of Christmas trees decorated to a certain theme that were up for auction and included some really creative prizes. Considering I love all things Christmas, I just basked in the glory of the Christmas tunes and the sparkle of the fake snow. It was Christmas bliss. 

This guy was there. He didn’t even have glasses… apparently Santa wears contacts now?

All in all it was a super fun day with a super friend. And it ended snuggling up with this sweet face..

Go Pack.

When Clint first found out he’d be moving to Raleigh, NC we knew we’d eventually be faced with one seriously important decision that could change the course of our time in this new city.

NC State. Chapel Hill. or Duke.

It didn’t take too long for us to decide that we’d make good NC State fans. The UNC.Duke rivalry was a bit too intense for either one of us to handle seeing as we’re not fans of either school, and what’s worse than someone just jumping on the bandwagon? We figured State was the most similar to Appalachian, AND, all the people we know that went to or go to State are just really nice. So they get our vote. However, until this past weekend we had yet to make our new fandom official. Thanks so to some super nice and thoughtful people I was able to make the Simpson/State relationship flourish. (Clint had military stuff to tend to that day so he was MIA). I got to attend my very first State football game- and as luck and a free exhibition game would have it- my first State basketball game as well.


The football wasn’t quite as pretty as the day but hey, now we can say we are officially State fans- I did clap along with the fight song after all. So even though I slightly feel like I’m cheating on my Mountaineers here a little bit I’ll say it…

Go Wolfpack!

Awkward & Awesome.


In a nut shell, I never do fashion Friday anymore because I look not cute most days, so we’ll just start seeing the more put-together days as we go.

Today is Tuesday so let’s get straight to A&A.


-Just about being the only person in Target to not have a toddler sitting shotgun in their cart. I guess that’s what you get for going to a Target at 2:00 on a Monday. I received two different kinds of looks. One, from the Mothers who felt pity on me. How sad that little old me didn’t have a Little Me to brighten up my day. To them I say, no thank you. Then we had the Mothers who looked at me with visible envy. As I carelessly walked up and down the aisles tossing things other than diapers and wet wipes into my cart. I could feel the stares as that set of Mothers glared into my shopping cart. I was ready to leave, and that rarely happens in Target.
-As if the Army of aggressive Mothers wasn’t enough, I had one of the strangest encounters of my life. I’ll leave out most of the details because there are many but I found myself being approached by two ladies, most likely my age minus a year or so. In my naive and apparently slightly narcissistic ways, I thought they were going to compliment me on my scarf or something (that particular scarf gets a lot of compliments) but no. I was so far off. These two ladies decided they were going to strike up a conversation with me about the Lord’s bride. When they first brought it up you can’t even imagine the thoughts reeling through my head-are they about to make a comparison? do they think I’m her? why are they standing so close?! oh my gosh they just got even closer! am I about to get lady-napped?!! could anyone hear me if I screamed?!!! but mostly I just thought, ‘what would Jesus do?’ and decided to hear them out. After all it probably wouldn’t be best to spew a lie to get out of a bible-based conversation… but believe me, the wheels were churning on that one. So about 10 minutes into our conversation, countless references to stories in the Bible, a bit of biting my tongue to keep from getting argumentative, a whole lot of attempting to shimmy backwards (seriously, I do not do close talkers, especially not two of them at once) and I was asked to read a piece of scripture out loud off one of the girl’s phone… did I mention I was in the card aisle? You know, the smallest aisle in the whole store. Where there are always without a doubt crowds of people standing just about on top of you. Yep. Right there in the middle of the card aisle, with the crowd of Mothers, I was being pulled into a conversation and desperately trying to climb my way out of it. All the while trying to keep my cart out of the card-reading shoppers way. Everything about it was awkward. The conversation, the people, the location. Once I finally got that exchange wrapped up I all but ran for the check out. I even took a short cut through the little girls clothing, and said a little thanks to the Target Gods for having most of their stores set up the same.


-The Mister was gone over the weekend for a work conference which meant two things. One, I got to fall asleep to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives each night. Two, I got to cook myself a dinner that came out of a box. Prepared dinner amazingness. Food really does taste better when someone else makes it.. even if it is Betty Crocker.
-I’ve been seriously wanting some Sunflowers lately. They radiate fall beauty and our lil’ apartment needed some brightening up. When I went to Harris Teeter yesterday my Sunflower radar immediately brought my over to the flower/balloon art counter where I spotted the perfect set of sunflowers. They were perfect. So I swooped them up and tossed them in my cart, and guess what you guys… those little bursts of sunshine were half off. Thank you managers special for my $5 flowers, they just got even more awesome.