Aside from endless job searching, lots of cooking, and some successful ventures of navigating my new city- here is what’s been going on lately.. at least according to my phone.

And here is my best attempt to recap all that.

  • A new city, a new Harris Teeter to conquer. It’s been several slow trips where me and my shopping cart have gone up and down the aisles over and over again, but gradually I’m figuring it out.
  • Our adorable little salt and pepper shakers my mom bought us. They are the official salt&pepper of breakfast.
  • My number at the DMV, 194. When I got there they were servicing 162. It was a slow and painful wait, literally, the chairs at the DMV, no bueno.
  • My brother is getting married soon which has meant bridal showers for his bride. This has also meant reasons to have little day trips to see my family. 🙂
  • I have been seriously spoiled at the mailbox. Between my mom and my friends, I get the sweetest surprise every time I check the mail. And I LOVE a handwritten letter.
  • Clint and I take nightly walks to the mailbox. It’s sweet. He’s sweet.
  • Our little kitty loves popcorn, the packing kind and the popping kind.

What did everyone do this weekend?