Awkward & Awesome.


In a nut shell, I never do fashion Friday anymore because I look not cute most days, so we’ll just start seeing the more put-together days as we go.

Today is Tuesday so let’s get straight to A&A.


-Just about being the only person in Target to not have a toddler sitting shotgun in their cart. I guess that’s what you get for going to a Target at 2:00 on a Monday. I received two different kinds of looks. One, from the Mothers who felt pity on me. How sad that little old me didn’t have a Little Me to brighten up my day. To them I say, no thank you. Then we had the Mothers who looked at me with visible envy. As I carelessly walked up and down the aisles tossing things other than diapers and wet wipes into my cart. I could feel the stares as that set of Mothers glared into my shopping cart. I was ready to leave, and that rarely happens in Target.
-As if the Army of aggressive Mothers wasn’t enough, I had one of the strangest encounters of my life. I’ll leave out most of the details because there are many but I found myself being approached by two ladies, most likely my age minus a year or so. In my naive and apparently slightly narcissistic ways, I thought they were going to compliment me on my scarf or something (that particular scarf gets a lot of compliments) but no. I was so far off. These two ladies decided they were going to strike up a conversation with me about the Lord’s bride. When they first brought it up you can’t even imagine the thoughts reeling through my head-are they about to make a comparison? do they think I’m her? why are they standing so close?! oh my gosh they just got even closer! am I about to get lady-napped?!! could anyone hear me if I screamed?!!! but mostly I just thought, ‘what would Jesus do?’ and decided to hear them out. After all it probably wouldn’t be best to spew a lie to get out of a bible-based conversation… but believe me, the wheels were churning on that one. So about 10 minutes into our conversation, countless references to stories in the Bible, a bit of biting my tongue to keep from getting argumentative, a whole lot of attempting to shimmy backwards (seriously, I do not do close talkers, especially not two of them at once) and I was asked to read a piece of scripture out loud off one of the girl’s phone… did I mention I was in the card aisle? You know, the smallest aisle in the whole store. Where there are always without a doubt crowds of people standing just about on top of you. Yep. Right there in the middle of the card aisle, with the crowd of Mothers, I was being pulled into a conversation and desperately trying to climb my way out of it. All the while trying to keep my cart out of the card-reading shoppers way. Everything about it was awkward. The conversation, the people, the location. Once I finally got that exchange wrapped up I all but ran for the check out. I even took a short cut through the little girls clothing, and said a little thanks to the Target Gods for having most of their stores set up the same.


-The Mister was gone over the weekend for a work conference which meant two things. One, I got to fall asleep to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives each night. Two, I got to cook myself a dinner that came out of a box. Prepared dinner amazingness. Food really does taste better when someone else makes it.. even if it is Betty Crocker.
-I’ve been seriously wanting some Sunflowers lately. They radiate fall beauty and our lil’ apartment needed some brightening up. When I went to Harris Teeter yesterday my Sunflower radar immediately brought my over to the flower/balloon art counter where I spotted the perfect set of sunflowers. They were perfect. So I swooped them up and tossed them in my cart, and guess what you guys… those little bursts of sunshine were half off. Thank you managers special for my $5 flowers, they just got even more awesome.


The Last Day.

Terrified, worried and obedient. These are the three words I would use to describe my first day of work. Almost exactly nine months ago I walked into my first day at my first post-grad job and somehow, hours later, I walked out alive.

When I graduated in May of 2011 I had no desire what so ever to get a job in the field in which I had just earned my degree. I had completed four years of college and the entire time I was there I was itching to take a trip somewhere to do service work. When I graduated and was officially obligation free I knew I had a unique period of time to do something different. I wanted to go somewhere and do something amazing, gain perspective on life, see a world I never knew existed, one so different from my own. Little did I know I’d find that place at the heart of the town I’ve always called home. Unemployed and directionless I turned to the outreach program at my church. They had pages upon pages of tutoring positions available at a local children’s ministry. I clicked past these pages quicker than you can say kelly’s not a kid person. However, Clint, also unemployed at the time, took a second look at these opportunities and investigated further. I guess this is fitting for someone who would soon land a job as a special investigator. While Clint was looking for service opportunities there, I was revisiting the Peace Corps website ever other day and attempting to tell myself it could be just what I was looking for. Long story made a bit short- When Clint went to the ministry to start tutoring they mentioned that they had a teaching position open that they needed to fill. Apparently he saw something in me I had yet to see in myself, and told them he had just the girl they needed. I hesitantly went in to hear about the position, filled out an application and soon after went for an interview. Days later I received a phone call offering me the position and that I would have a few days to consider. This is where I stand there in my driveway with a quizzical look on my face and think, what am I doing?! I am far from being qualified to be a teacher. I always thought the closest thing I’d ever get to being a teacher was having college roommates who were education majors. One thing I can now certainly attest to be true, and the mentality that led me to take a job in which I had no background or experience is that

God doesn’t always call the qualified
But he will always qualify the called

I have spent the past nine months doing something that in my heart, I felt God call me to do, and in only a way He can do, it has been the most incredible, rewarding, exciting, enriching, and life-changing thing I’ve ever done. It didn’t take a trip around the world or cold-showers in a hut off a dirt road. It took a drive ten minutes down the road and a bold faith that God had something great in store for me. Something far greater than what I could have ever hoped for.

Today I say goodbye to my students but I will be forever grateful to them. They taught me incredible lessons. They opened my eyes to the purity of a child’s faith and reminded me what it’s like to live in today, worry free of tomorrow. I can only hope that I’ve played a positive role in their lives. I hope that they become the teacher, vet, performer, artist, illustrator, soccer player, doctor, carolina panther, lego designer, and author that they dream of being now. But more than that, I hope they continue to dream big, to thank God for the individuals they are blessed to be and to be as kind and open-hearted to the next teacher as they were to me.

They’ll never know it, but I do believe they changed the course of my life. I don’t have a map of what’s to come, but I know where I’ve been and what I can do. And I am more confident now of my ability to accomplish anything I dream of than I have ever been before.

I am sad, I am excited, I am grateful and I am blessed.

Awkward and Awesome.

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s a short week this week so that’s awesome. Here is some more awkward and awesome for you…

– I was that person. The one that attempts to go down the up escalator. I was one very small step away from a bad moment. I felt less embarrassed about this when I later was going up that same escalator and witnessed two others attempting the same down the up maneuver. 
-When you’re driving and see a pretty little butterfly. Then it gets closer and closer and closer and then, wam bam. Surely it just bounced off my windshield, right? Then you see that mark, the mark that proves that pretty little butterfly is no more.

– Some of the kids at work go to the same Elementary School I went to. This past week several of them showed off their yearbooks to me and I absolutely loved it. I had quite the laugh flipping through the pages, seeing some of the same faces I knew from when I was their age, seeing if the gym teacher I thought was so cute is still so cute, being amazed that my second grade teacher doesn’t look a day older than she did 15 years ago. 
– It turns out one of the most exciting parts of getting married is receiving all the response cards back. I go to the mailbox at least twice a day, hoping to open it and see a pile of small envelopes. When I applied to college I missed out on this joy (my letter went to my Dad’s house) so I’m seriously appreciating it this time around. 


Happy Belated Birthday Bro!

(Yep. That’s a picture of a picture.)

Yesterday was my big bro’s birthday, and since I was Raleigh I missed out on being able to post this on his actual birthday. But I know he won’t mind me being a bit late…

because my brother, is the best brother.

Because he still treats me like his little sister, even though we’re no longer 5 and 10.
Because he once wore a shirt I made that said, ‘I’m with my sister, and we’re having fun!’.
Because I spent years standing on the sidelines and at the finish lines cheering him on.
Because he was great role model for my sister and I, and left us gigantic shoes to fill.
Because as a kid he let me sleep in his room when it would storm at night.
Because even though he moved out years ago I still look in what was his room everyday and miss seeing him in his old blue chair.
Because for the first year Clint and I dated he called him Cliff.
Because he’s marrying a girl who I’ll be happy to see become a Reeves.
Because he’ll one day be that cool uncle.
And despite the fact that he would never let me win at a game of pogs, or jacks, and would always beam the ball at me as hard as he could when playing wall ball; that me being pounded into the floor was a daily occurrence as a kid; that I’m fairly certain he took advantage of my naiveté when trading x-men cards; and that all of these things would still hold true to date.

My brother is the best brother.

And here’s to hoping he had the best birthday.

Awkward And Awesome.

Hey people.

I actually wrote awkward and awesome yesterday on my phone while waiting patiently for my lovely dinner to be packaged into its to-go container, but never got around to posting it. I added in all the A&A that occurred between then and now.

-When the bottle of detergent is so heavy you have to let out a Serena Williams style ‘uhhhghghghg’ to lift it back up onto the shelf.
-Hugging little kids can be awkward, I try to avoid it at work. You see, I’m tall, five-year olds are short. They tend to wrap their little arms around me and land their hands in some not-so-appropriate places at times. And sometimes those little hands have chalk all over them and they leave a nasty little trail of all the places they’ve been, including the back-end of my white skirt.
-Pretty sure my co-workers think I’m anorexic. I don’t eat around the kids for a very specific reason; as darling and wonderful as they are, kids are down right gross. On a daily basis I pull one child’s hand out of his pants and the others out of his nose. My hands cannot get clean enough, and I probably couldn’t muster up an appetite if I tried. So while the staff eyes me up and down as I don’t partake in the ice cream party, I sit there and stare at sticky hands and watch as kids show a complete disregard for germs, it is NOT ok to pick your ice cream cone up off the floor and eat it, sadly, I might be alone in that thinking.

-I text Clint goodnight almost everyday (although I won’t lie, many nights end with me falling into a FRIENDS induced slumber). One of my favorite things is how he responds. He always tells me to have ‘pretty dreams’. Not sweet, not good, but pretty. I’m sure he thinks nothing of it, or maybe he does, but I love it.
-Our darling kitty, Sydney, stayed at my house over the weekend and it was so adorable. Forcing my sister, Kim, to hold her.. hysterical. From watching little Sydney box with my dangle earrings on my earring stand to snuggling up with her to watch a Braves game, she’s awesome.
-Today is me and Clint’s 78 month anniversary, that’s six and a half years folks. whoop whoop. LOVElove.

This next one I am going to categorize as Awkward and Awesome. Part of my job is helping my students do their homework from school. On occasion I have to brush up on some skills (multiplying fractions and such) and sometimes I find that the simple tasks can be surprisingly hard. Yes, I had to google ‘how to do long division’. People, we live in a calculator world, I got my TI-84 in 9th grade and haven’t looked back since. Anyway, one of my students had a math question that 100% had me. I was awkwardly trying to figure it out, remember I’m supposed to be the all-knowing teacher, and simultaneously freaking out that I could not let this child go home and tell her parents that dumb Miss Kelly couldn’t help with her homework. I have a diploma!! 3rd grade math should be a breeze!

Eventually, I pulled through and solved it. But I’ll give ten million awesome points to anyone else that can do it (because I solved this by extensive trial and error, no rhyme or reason).. so here it goes…

You have 100 pennies, 100 nickels, and 100 dimes. You have to use at least one of each coin. Using exactly 21 coins, make a combination that adds up to exactly $1. How many of each coin did you use?

Good luck peeps, let’s see how awesome you are.

What’s been awkward & awesome lately?