The skies were blue.

A couple of weeks back I went and spent the day with a sweet friend in Aberdeen, NC and we wandered around some of the beautiful small-town landscape. Here are just a few shots from a day filled with beautiful weather, delicious coffee, an attempted photography how-to, and great friendship.


This first shot reminds me SO much of a lake up in Boone, NC that I used to
run at in college… sans mountainous backdrop.





Farewell 2012.



The days of 2012 have gone by and 2013 is just on the other side of a setting sun.

Apparently I decided that my 2012 was going to go out with quite a literal bang. You see this…

TreeWell just a few moments after this was taken I fell off this log, while holding a stack of firewood. And I fell all my 5’10” + however high that log is off the ground straight on to the cold, hard, stick and thorn-covered ground. I cried. Then I went to go inside and panicked when I realized how I couldn’t barely walk up the hill because I was in so much pain. So I started crying even more. Oh and did I mention I was wearing a sweater headband with whiskers and cat ears? Because I was. So just imagine me wobbling up a hill, crying, looking like a kitty cat. And you’d have to ask Clint but my face was basically that of sheer panic… is it possible to actually break your butt?! Because I think I just did it. I’ll now be bringing in the new year sitting on a heating pad and making noises every time I shift my weight (which I know makes my sweet husband want to pull his hair out) but hey, he loves me. And we’ve had a pretty fantastic year, even with all the clumsy moments (like two days ago when a wine glass literally leapt out the cupboard at me and shattered all over the kitchen, and our dinner). There certainly is no one I’d rather pick glass up off the floor with then my main man. If 2013 is even a fraction as good as 2012 then we’ve got a lot to look forward to.

Now I know that some people don’t like resolutions but I, myself, LOVE them. And I am very excited for this years. So what’s my New Year’s Resolution?! In 2013 I will complete 113 hours of community service. You see, I’ve done my fair share of service hours over the years. Between clubs and what not at school I’ve always found a way to stay pretty involved in the community. However, since graduating from college, and especially since moving to Raleigh, I have not completed hardly any community service- and I hate that! So, for 2013, rather than doing something that is just about me, I want to do something that allows me to help others. Plus, I’m kindling hoping it’ll help me feel a bit more connected up in my new city, and maybe even allow for a teeny tiny bit of networking to get this lady a job (But that would just be a bonus). I’ll be keeping track on my own but I’ll be sure to keep you guys, my super faithful readers, posted on where I’m serving, and hopefully you guys will find yourselves motivated as well!

What are your new years resolutions?!

Cheers to 2013!


Awkward and Awesome.

Just throwing this out there, I’m ready for the leaves to start looking a bit prettier. I need some serious fall weather. I’m prepared for some pumpkin carving and hot chocolate, and I just got home from the grocery store where I got some s’mores making supplies and me and my mister will be gathered around our fireplace tonight to get into the fall spirit.

Here is this weeks round up of awkward and awesome.


-Accidentally applying for the same job two days in a row. HR person, I’m very organized, I promise, but sometimes I don’t consult my spreadsheet and I don’t quite realize that I’ve already applied. Here’s to hoping this take my multiple applications as me just really wanting the job.
-I am quite possibly the most inconsistent bowler ever. I went from scoring over 120 to a game where in the fourth frame I had a 6. And no gutter balls, just genuinely horrible bowling.
-I’m kind of an expert at avoiding finishing the laundry. I start it, I get things all washed and dried, but then I just let them sit in the dryer for a few days and occasionally do a little refresh. I really can’t stand hanging things up so I just like to prolong it as long as possible. This is probably my domestic downfall.


-The State Fair has arrived!! This is basically one of the only things that got me excited about moving to Raleigh. I’ve never been before and I absolutely cannot wait to go and eat lots of yummy and strange food and ride a ferris wheel (which I mostly just assuming they have to have.)
-My brother got married this past weekend! It was super fun and I am so thankful that I got to be a part of the special day. They had beautiful weather and the day was filled with a stunning dress on a glowing bride, a dashing groom, and smiles everywhere you looked. I just LOVE love.

What’s been awkward & awesome lately?