Fashion Friday.


This week I am officially eating my words. Once upon a time I uttered words that went a little something like this… “Leggings are the worst, people just need to put some pants on, seriously!”

I’ll go ahead and assume it was the four years of college in which I had every other co-ed’s bum bopping around campus, showing off just how many people really don’t understand that leggings are not pants. The legging overload averted my desire to ever put on a pair myself. Now that I’m nearly two years detached from the days of college (and even though I live in a city stacked to the rim with Universities) I found myself standing in my closet the other night wearing an outfit that I just could not get right… it needed leggings. I knew it. The Mr knew it. Even our little kitty knew it. Fast forward an hour and the two of us are standing in Target trying to decide if black or navy jeggings is the way to go (we went with black- I would have gone navy but sometimes I have to trust the husband’s eye and let him be my stylist). So now, here I sit, very comfortably, in my jeggings. They are kind of fantastic. I still contend that any and all leggings need to be paired with a top that doesn’t show off one’s derriere, and I think they are pretty inapro-pro for the gym, but for a comfy-cozy but still want to feel put-together kind of day… they’re perfect.





Wish List Wednesday: Online Shopping.


I’ve mentioned before that I really do not enjoy window shopping. However, me and online shopping, we get along really well. We’re pretty good friends, the internet and I. Yesterday I decided I needed to do some therapeutic online shopping. For years now I have added thousands of items to online shopping carts just to let them sit there forever. You see, I never actually buy any of it, but popping it in the virtual cart almost feels just as good as if I was hanging the new item in my closet. One of the reasons I “shop” online is to find things I like, duh. But then I look at what I like online and figure out what of those things I already kind of have. Like that first pink top. After adding it to my american eagle cart I went to get dressed today and I just wanted that pink top! So I looked through my own closet and pulled out my pink and white striped pocket tee from the Gap that has been hiding/ it has a small hole in the back which requires a jacket be worn so I tend to write it off. I slid that tee off the hanger and made my own little variation of the outfit I wanted. Zero spent.. and it’s kind of like a new shirt again since I haven’t worn it for so long. (I love when I haven’t worn something for so long that when I do put it on again the mister asks if its new.. It’s like I went shopping in my own closet.)

So up there, is just a bit of what is currently sitting in my online shopping carts. Everything is from either J.Crew, American Eagle/Aerie, or Ann Taylor Loft. FYI- if I had ordered everything yesterday I’d be out $1236. We’ll be sticking to the “leave it in the cart” method for a while longer. Also, just a little tidbit. There are several companies where if you’ve bought something from them before, and therefore they have your e-mail address, and you put items in an online shopping cart and then “x” out of the screen, they’ll send you an e-mail saying something to the extent of “hey you left some items in your cart, come back and get them with 15% off!”. It works, and I’ve done it more times than is probably ethical.

Happy online shopping!

Fashion Friday.

For this week’s fashion friday I thought I’d share a little bit about how my personal style has come about.

I tend to wear a lot of layers. I find it makes me feel more comfortable and less, “hey, look at my skinny arms.” I do believe it was those treacherous middle school years of non-stop “you must be anorexic” jabs that led me to a life of cardigans in the summer. As I’ve gotten older and naturally settled in and filled out more I feel a little bit less of a responsibility to keep my “gross arms” and “stick legs” hidden and more open to different styles. In a strange way, layers have kind of become a little security blanket for me. I hardly ever leave home without a jacket or sweater, and if I do it always seems to be when I wish I had it most. With each passing year I feel a little bit less awkward about my complete lack of curves, but when those chilly days come rolling around I’m always ready to bring out the layers and a smile.




These two were too good-looking to leave out. :]


Fashion Friday.


I’m gonna make this quick… because the mister and I are pretty much individually fighting for the attention of the wifi right now. So, here’s fashion friday. It’s chilly so I brought out some of the gloves.. and a certain little one decided she was going to show off her gray coat for a few shots. Oh, and I got this shirt from The Gap on mega clearance for $4… and they never have smalls by the time clothes get put on the sale rack so I’m pretty excited about it. DSC_0004






What is your favorite winter accessory?
Scarves!? Gloves!? Colorful hats?!

Fashion Friday.

FFk1 copy

Moment of truth: I currently am wearing seriously destroyed jeans and a running jacket. And no, I will not be making you look at pictures of it. However, I did have a Fashion Friday planned for last week that I never got around to posting so I figured you all wouldn’t mind if it just let it bounce on over to this week. And I must have a savvy shopper bragging moment. My pants. They are amazing. They are from J. Crew- meaning they actually fit my long and lean body the way clothes are supposed to fit, they’ll actually last more than a season (sorry Target, but your fabrics aren’t always the best), and that they would literally cost me an arm and a leg to get into them. However, this lady went shopping the day after Christmas, braved the crowds of determined returners and snatched up these $149 pants for a solid $20. I’m so proud of this purchase I could just burst.

J. Crew: 234873 Kelly: 1
Taking one back for the thrifty shoppers.



First off, these were my school colors for elementary and middle school so I kind of feel the need to say, Go Wildcats! (I have no idea if my elementary school had or has a mascot). Second of all, NO, my shirt is not on backwards, and congratulations, you are the one millionth person to ask!! You win a snarky look and a view at me and my buttons as we walk away singing “with silver buttons buttons buttons, all down her back back back”. And lastly, I understand that it’s a part of the name but these particular flats just make my feet look so… flat. I have a pretty serious anti-heel mentality (no need to be any taller over here folks) but I can’t help but look at this outfit and notice how flat my feet look, and therefore how my outfit basically just runs itself right into the ground. And now I know you’ve all just looked at my flat feet which just makes it worse.

Also, I finally figured out how to get rid of those annoying littler borders around my pictures (I actually invested time in this) and managed to use some of my coding skills that I stressed over like no other in college. I even had an a-ha! moment where I said, hey, that web-development class did prove to be useful! Then today I was messing with my little picture loading thing and noticed that you can simply set the border to 0. Like, you just type in a little 0. It kind of crushed me a bit. I’m actually going to pretend it’s not an option for a while longer and I’m choosing to code it in and imagine that I actually could create a web site if need be.

What has your winter style looked like?