I’ve been a bit of lazy blogger lately so this is me now bombarding you all with photos of what’s been going on. Here is life lately…

Three weeks ago my sister, Kim, came up to Raleigh to visit. We went to the State Farmer’s market where we got scuppernongs and a watermelon with more seeds in it then I have ever seen before- still delicious though. We also hit up a local “fun-spot” where we raced go carts and took a swing at the batting cages. And then I spent the next three days holding my side, people, stretch before you swing. Raleigh is currently scattered with giant decorated cow statues. Apparently this is an annual art festival that takes place. We have a bunch of them at a shopping center near our home so we snapped a quick pic with a floral cow. Then we made our way to Duke University, where they of course were having their first home football game. We opted to stroll through the Duke Gardens for a more relaxed Duke experience. The flowers were blooming, the sun was shining, and a wedding was underway. We got to watch the bride make her entrance in what I’ll be calling, the most unorganized wedding I’ve ever seen. I won’t get into details, just know, the veil barely made it down the aisle and the groom hardly made it to his place on time. We also went downtown to the Museum of Natural Sciences. This is where I had a chill-inducing experience with a snake display and then could hardly turn a corner without having a serious case of the creeps. I couldn’t even enjoy the butterfly room knowing there was a tarantula crawling around in the same space. And I just about lost it when I saw the cockroach display. Tiny box, dozens of cockroaches, too much to handle. Ick. Unrelated to all of that, later in the week while at Barnes and Noble I saw that little book up there The Sibling Effect : What the bonds among brothers and sisters reveal about us. It took a lot of self-restraint to not pick this one up and slyly make the purchase. I’m pretty sure I know my role in the family but I’d love to know Mr. Kluger’s thoughts. I may or may not be secretly purchasing this on my kindle.


Two weekends ago I made my way back to Charlotte for some pre-wedding activities for my dear friend Madison. While there I of course spent some girl time with my all-time favorite puppy and gave her a bone-bow. And there is nothing better than dancing in a pair of mickey mouse slippers- you should try it. The jar is something I’m trying, and calling the Five for Five jar. For the next five years I am going to put every five dollar bill I get into the jar. And on September 10, 2017 I’m going to smash that thing to pieces and take all my little five dollar bills somewhere special to treat myself. This could vary greatly. Right now I have $10 dollars so I know I’ll at least be able to go to Starbucks and get a celebratory drink if nothing else. I’m pretty excited to see where life will take me and that jar. For Madison’s bachelorette party we went to Wine and Design (for some reason I always want to spell wine as whine.. big difference). I had never done this before and I really enjoyed it. For our class we painted a “Starry Night” inspired Charlotte Skyline. Mine is now proudly displayed in our living room-


This past weekend I was back in Charlotte again for the BIG day. There was a bride, a groom, a flower girl, and tons and tons of people who poured out love and well-wishes for a couple that couldn’t be more deserving of it all. And I was absolutely honored to be a part of it all. There was also gorgeous flowers, a tear-inducing walk down the aisle, a night of celebration, a scrumptious cake, a whole bunch of dancing, and a sparkling departure. I’ve known this particular Mr & Mrs since high school and remember the days of sitting between them in Chemistry class. I’ll never forget the squeal that escaped me as I saw the rock on her finger for the first time and the way she smiled when she first tried on her wedding dress. Nothing is sweeter then when truly great people find true love.

What have you all been up to lately?


Jamaica, mon.

Today is a rainy, soggy, cloudy, sweat pant wearing kind of day. So I’m taking today to look back on our sun-filled, sea-breeze, sand in your bathing suit, margarita filled honeymoon to Jamaica.

We went sailing. To a private beach. With a waterfall. Enough said.

Ok, that’s actually not enough said because I have to take a moment to gush over this adventure. I LOVE sailing, I think it epitomizes that idea of being carefree. So I was in love with this little trip the moment we set sail. We sailed our way through the Caribbean and wound up at a small little private beach (owned by the estate of Ian Fleming; that’s the James Bond author, people.) And this little beach was also home to its own waterfall… and security team… so our visit was quick, but it was GORGEOUS.

We also took a bike ride down Blue Mountain. The home of Blue Mountain coffee. Let me just say, blue mountain coffee ON blue mountain, is by far the best coffee I’ve ever had. Our bike ride was slightly interrupted by some rainfall but it ended just in time for us to take in the waterfall that was our final destination. Are you seeing a theme here? We love waterfalls. Through much hesitation and with a lot of goosebumps, I swam in my second Jamaican waterfall…after all, it’s not everyday you get to jump into a waterfall.

There are some pictures of me actually in the water but I pretty much just look like I’m freezing, not so cute. Also, we were basically the only people on our little bike tour to get into the water, which meant there were about 20 people just watching the two of us splash around, slightly awkward.

I held a parrot. But more importantly, I swam with a dolphin! This is something I have wanted to do for so long, and have come this close to doing before. You see, about 10 years ago my family went on a cruise with a pit stop in Jamaica, we went on our way to Dolphin Cove pumped up for our time to swim with the dolphins, only to get there and find out we were actually only watching other people swim with the dolphins. Really, this shouldn’t even be an option. I was pretty crushed. So when Clint and I decided on Jamaica for our honeymoon we knew that swimming with the dolphins was a must. Our dolphins name was Richie, he was a ten-year old cuban who spoke spanish and liked cigars. He was soft, slippery and sweet as can be. And they don’t allow cameras in the dolphin area so you’ll just have to take my word on all of that.

Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the art that is towel animals.

Our resort was amazing. It was gorgeous and well kept and everyone was so kind. From days spent sipping drinks and dominating at some beach volleyball to dancing the night away to reggae music, we love Jamaican people. They are so enthusiastic and full of life. And when Bolt won the 100 meter gold medal, the place basically went ballistic. People were running around screaming, Jamaican flags were waving like crazy and the cheers were loud. We loved where we stayed and we fell in love with the Jamaican people… even if Clint pretty much can’t understand a word they say, it’s fun to watch him try.

This was actually on the plane on the way back home. It’s probably right around the middle of my biggest freak out moment while flying. And thankfully, and my most favorite part of my honeymoon, I had my husband there :] I got to have so many great experiences in such a great place with my absolutely great husband. I’m so thankful for him, a man who, while I’m in serious terrified flyer mode, shows me pictures on my phone that can only make me smile. He’s patient with me through my biggest fear and made our trip that much more enjoyable for me.

Where do you all want to travel to?